Cost & Fee

VipCheapest Total Fee = First payment + Second payment

First payment: Items fee + Domestic shipping fee
Second payment: International delivery fee + Service fee + Customs fee

1.Service fee:

VipCheapest Service fee = (Items fee + Domestic shipping fee) * 6%

However, our minimum service charge is 5USD per parcel.

For example:
If the items costs 100USD and domestic shipping is 6USD, VipCheapest will charge you 6.36USD service fee.
(100+6)×0.06 = 6.36USD

If the items costs 10USD, and domestic shipping is 3.6USD, VipCheapest will charge you 5USD.
(10+3.6)×0.06 =  0.82USD <5USD

Note:VipCheapest storage time limit is 180 days, and during this time, your order status is "Arrived"; we won't help you to store if the date is more than 180 days and then your order status will change to "Invalid". "Invalid" means that your have given up your items and we will handle them in our way.

2.Items fee:

The item price is shown on the shopping site you browsing.

3.Domestic shipping fee:

Most domestic delivery companies charge 12 to 30CNY per kilogram. The fee differs according to the courier, parcel weight and the distance between seller and buyer's locations.

For the items from same seller, if the total weight from this seller is below 1kg, we will charge you one time. If above 1kg, you need to pay the balance.

4.International delivery fee:

VipCheapest provide various delivery methods, such as: EMS, Airmail for small packages, Air Parcel, SAL Parcel, Domestic forwarding.

When to pay the service fee?

We ask to pay service charge together with the international shipping of your parcel. After you get the weight of your parcel and have selected the international shipping method, VipCheapest will automatically calculate the service fee for you. At that point, you will need to pay the shipping costs and service fee, then VipCheapest will ship your parcel.